Monday, July 13, 2020
Scripture:  Psalm 8:3; Revelation 21:22-25
When filmmaker Wylie Overstreet showed strangers a live picture of the moon as seen through his powerful telescope, they were stunned at the up-close view, reacting with whispers and awe. To see such a glorious sight, Overstreet explained, “fills us with a sense of wonder that there’s something much bigger than ourselves.”
The psalmist David also marveled at God’s heavenly light. “When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?” (Psalm 8:3-4).
David’s humbling question puts our awe in perspective when we learn that, after God creates His new heaven and earth, we’ll no longer need the moon or the sun. Instead, said John the apostle, God’s shimmering glory will provide all necessary light. “The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp…There will be no night there” (Revelation 21:23-25).
What an amazing thought! Yet we can experience His heavenly light now– simply by seeking Christ, the Light of the world.
In Overstreet’s view, “We should look up more often.” As we do, may we see God.
-written by Patricia Raybon
Taken from: Our Daily Bread, Volume 65
TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2020
Trust me in all your thoughts.  I know that some thoughts are unconscious or semi-conscious, and I do not hold you responsible for those. But you can direct conscious thought much more than you may realize. Practice thinking in certain ways- trust in Me, thanking Me– and those thoughts become more natural. Reject negative or sinful thoughts as soon as you become aware of them. Don’t try to hide them from Me; confess them and leave them with Me. Go on your way lightheartedly. This method of controlling your thoughts will keep your mind in My Presence and your feet on the path of Peace.
Scripture:  Psalm 20:7; John 1:9; Luke 1:79
Taken from: Jesus Calling- Enjoying Peace in His Presence
They replied, “Let start rebuilding.” So they began this good work.” Nehemiah 2:11-18
It was a nightmare when the leader set out by horseback to inspect the work that lay ahead. As he toured the destruction all around him, he saw city walls that had been destroyed and gates that had been burned. In some areas, the vast debris made it tough for his horse to get through. Saddened, the rider turned toward home.
When it came time to report the damage to the officials of the city, he began by saying, “You see the trouble we are in” [Nehemiah 2:17].  He reported that the city was in ruins, and the protecting city wall had been rendered useless.
But then he made a statement that energized the troubled citizens:  “I also told them about the gracious hand of my God on me.” Immediately the people replied, “Let us start rebuilding.” [V.18]
And they did.
With faith in God and all-out effort, despite enemy opposition and a seemingly impossible task, the people of Jerusalem– under Nehemiah’s leadership– rebuilt the wall in just fifty-two days. (6:15).
As you consider your circumstances, is there something that looks difficult but that you know God wants you to do? A sin you can’t seem to get rid of? A relationship rift that’s not God-honoring? A task for Him that looks too hard?
Ask for God’s guidance (2:4-5), analyze the problem (vs.11-15), and recognize His involvement (v.18). Then start rebuilding.
– written by Dave Branon
Questions to consider:
What are a couple of “destroyed wall” situations that are troubling you? How will prayerfully asking for God’s help and guidance help you start the rebuilding process?
Prayer:  God, I need Your help.  I can’t fix these problems alone. Help me to understand the situation, and then to seek Your help and guidance in resolving the challenges before me.
Taken from: Our Daily Bread, Volume 65
FRIDAY, JULY 17, 2020