If you have opened our website, there is a good chance you are looking for a church, so here is some information about us:

     First, worship:  On Sunday mornings, we have what you might call “vintage” services.  We have about 60 people in attendance and we will gladly save you a seat!  There are “old school” seats (pews) with pads that are in rows.  You will find books with spiritual songs (hymns), bibles and other pamphlets and brochures in the racks on the pews in front of you (as opposed to a screen on the wall.)  The preacher usually wears a  robe and stands in a pulpit probably in a similar style to what you remember as a kid growing up or what you typically see in the movies.  The preacher’s message is inspired by the Scripture of the Day that is read prior to the sermon and usually has a theme that is authentic, inspiring, and relates to what is current and relevant for those who are present.  We have an organ, piano and a choir with committed and devoted musicians who are willing to generously share their talents throughout the worship time.  During the service, you will not be asked to stand and introduce yourself and you will not be singled out or embarrassed in any way.  We do have communion once a month and no one is denied this sacred meal.  All are invited to join us but it is your choice as to whether you participate.  We always invite our guests to come to our community room for homemade cookies and hot coffee (or juice) following the service.  All of us are glad to answer questions but we try to be sensitive to each guests needs.

     Now about our beliefs: As is true of all Christians, we follow Jesus Christ, who is the Head of our Church.  Scripture (the Bible) is the primary source of our understanding of how God works in the history of humanity and in our lives today.  We interpret this through Creeds (statements of belief) and through more extensive statements of faith which we call “Confessions” (This, by the way has nothing to do with a declaration of guilt which is the usual definition of “confession.”)  We strive to follow Christ in our daily lives through prayer, studying the Bible, sharing our lives together, and sharing what we have with those in need.  We admit that while we believe these things, we are not always able to embody them as well as we would like.  Fortunately, we also believe that God forgives us when we fail because God loves us.

     Hopefully, after reading all of this, you will have a general idea of what you can expect when you walk through our doors.  We look forward to the possibility that you will give us a try.  All we ask of you is that you join us in whatever way is comfortable for you – and that you feel free to ask questions if something you find here is confusing or interesting.

     As far as attire on Sunday mornings, you will see coats and ties as well as blue jeans and t-shirts.  Some women wear pants and tops, others dresses or suits.  If you look around, you might even see a hat or two!  In other words, wear whatever is comfortable for you.

     May God bless you in your search to find a spiritual home and may God guide you along the way.