Pastor- Our transitional pastor, Rev. Mike Clark will be retiring from ministry on May 1, 2022.  The Session of the church is currently in the process of filling this position.
Church Secretary-  Debbie Heroux has been a Church Secretary for 7 years and has lived in the area for almost 30 years. She likes to spend time with her two sons and 3 grandchildren. She also enjoys cooking, baking, hiking and spending time outdoors as much as possible.
Marilyn Seel (Organist) shares her musical gifts and talents with our
Marilyn Seel Directory pic
congregation each Sunday morning.  She has served at FPCMH for 24 years and continues her musical ministry with us each week. She lived in Minnesota before moving to 
Mountain Home.  She has five children,  eleven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren!  She is an active member of our congregation and volunteers in many other areas of our church life.  Marilyn enjoys traveling to visit her family and loves jigsaw puzzles.
 Chris Constantine takes care of the sound system during worship services.  Christopher also makes sure the doors are unlocked on Sunday morning and locked again after services. In between all of that, he makes the coffee for our fellowship hour. He attended and graduated from ASUMH.  He also graduated from ASU-Jonesboro with two bachelor degrees.
Nancy Priest is our office treasurer/ bookkeeper.  She does a great job of keeping the bills paid and our churches’ finances in order. She definitely is a “go to” person to find the answer to any question about the church.  She currently serves as a lay reader, the caretaker of the library, and as the moderator of the Women’s Circles.
Nancy is an avid reader and enjoys working outside in her yard.