HELLO PICTURE GALLERY VIEWERS!  Some of you have expressed concern that when you view the photo gallery the photographs are rotated or crooked.  Both Pastor Clark and I have spoken with the website “trouble shooters,” and have found that if you are using the internet browser EDGE, it will cause your photos to be crooked in the photo gallery. 

The autumn flowers are coming to the church court yard


The church courtyard is still producing beautiful flowers in August!  Thank you to the Master Gardeners who are working when they can to help “tame the jungle.”

Gary says, “Hello First Presbyterian Church!”

Another 8 fans delivered to Ozark Center of Hope!

Doug and Michele Wells new membership photo!

Having fun in the garden- right before it stormed!!


“I can’t believe I’m 80!!”- Happy Birthday Carolyn


Hello from Lou

David is enjoying the sunshine!

Look at that fan donation!
Great job everyone!!

Our camera crew that films the service each week!

Nancy enjoys all types of reading!


Pretty in pink in the courtyard

Go Hogs!! – Sarah

Congratulations Andrew!

Elliot, Sarah, Andrew and Alex with their trucks. Only one missing is Ian with his green truck. Busy times!

Sarah and her new ride.

Marilyn is pretty in pink!

I think I need a mask. – Evelyn

Hi Jerry & Cathy!

“I never thought in my 100+ year I’d ever see this!”- Polly

New kids on the block! Ralph & Karen


Look who has moved right up the street! NEW NEIGHBORS! – Ed & Stanley

Relaxing- Judy

A beautiful purple blouse on a beautiful person! – Velma

In my rose garden- Kay

We’re Here! Mike & Marty

Charles, Cheryl & Betsy seem to be enjoying their yard

Chris and Lillian admiring the view!

Cheerful smile from Barb!

Wow! what a garden! – Wana

Suzanne & Wayne and their precious pup Toffee!

Marilyn enjoying the sun and her flowers!

Judy with wonderful great grandson Hudson!

Bud & Barb enjoying the day!

Look at our roses! – Phil & Ellen

Pete & Sissy are always prepared!

Spreading the word that First Presbyterian is now online!

Another spiffy dresser ready to worship!

Dressed up and ready for church!

Beautiful hat!


Easter with Sissy & Pete

Another of Cathy’s Covid-19 projects!

Pastor Clark’s high tech camera set up. Notice the scotch tape behind the cross!

Can we install recliners in the sanctuary? – Jan

Cathy’s Covid-19 artwork! AMAZING!

Lights, camera, action!

Our talented organist

We are grateful for our volunteers who help us complete the service each week

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